Trodat has its roots in Austria, but it hasn't let national boundaries stop it. Today, the Trodat group encompasses more than thirty international subsidiaries, with more than 1,000 employees worldwide. You have a great opportunity to use Trodat technology in center of JCC area. With all those products and subsidiaries, Trodat offers everything associated with the subject of stamps. Trodat stamp products are innovative and suitable for every application. Trodat caring of all needs a people regarding stamps. Our company provides all kind of types of stamps for business and individual needs with multicolor technologies. Together with Goldring Company, Trodat designed and produced new exclusive product – pen-stamp. Trodat has the capability to improve and innovate create new products and solutions. Moreover, we are happy to announce you that we have the best solution to protect your business with our security stamps and they are as follows:

- Text Security - U.V - Color (Micro Chips)